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Project Description

Quality of Life

My administration will increase the focus on seniors, families and children in our community.  One key focus will be on lifting our seniors, families and children out of poverty. This will include providing life skills and job training to the adults and education and after school programs to the children.  I will recruit my CPA peers to provide pro bono financial literacy services to our seniors and others struggling financially. We will continue to enhance and expand the NORD operations and to make sure our families get connected to a NORD facility in their area.  As a life- long resident of the Historic Treme community, I am vested in preserving our City’s rich culture of jazz music, unique architectural designs, Indian Culture, diverse neighborhoods and outstanding restaurants.  My administration will seek to secure funding to enhance our public transportation and also to introduce light rail beginning from New Orleans East to Downtown.

  • Eliminate the traffic cameras except in school zone areas while school is in session, while at the same time Increase the number of Crime cameras.
  • Perform a detail analytical review of the entire billion dollar budget to make sure that our citizens are receiving the services that their tax dollars are paying for.
  • Eliminate the deputy Mayor governing structure.
  • Work to increase the pay of all City employees.
  • Review the operations of the meter maid department to make them more citizen friendly.
  • Work to reduce the poverty rate in the City.
  • Work to reduce the cost of living in the City to our Seniors.