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Project Description


The Vassel administration plan is to focus on rehabilitation as oppose to incarceration. I believe that we will spend less money rehabilitating people that are engaging in illegal acts than we will spend in incarcerating them. As a federal appointee on the Orleans Parish Jail Consent Decree and the CFO at Criminal District Court, I see firsthand some of the cost to the City to incarcerate individuals. We will also focus on retaining experienced police officers while trying to recruit and hire new police officers. I want to work with others in the community to find the best police chief to lead the NOPD. I will allow the police chief the independence to do their job while holding them accountable to their plan to reduce crime and make New Orleans safe.

  • Increase the number of homicide detectives by contracting with retired homicide detectives in order to increase the rate at which solve crime.
  • Build bridges within our criminal justice system to make sure that the system is fair to all of our citizens and that we work toward reducing the jail population.
  • Work to retain the most experience officers.
  • Continue to hire new officers.
  • Hire more powder sniffing dogs
  • Conduct more DWI check points to reduce drunk driving