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Project Description


FEMA awarded over $2 billion dollars for the remaining City infrastructure and Sewerage and Water Board repairs.  My administration will remove all road blocks and impediments to expedite the awarding of contracts to make all repairs as outline in the FEMA settlement.  We will also appoint an experienced public works director to oversee all City projects.  Team Vassel will establish a system to repair and clean all catch basins on a regular basis to reduce any chances of flooding on our city streets.  All street repairs will be coordinated with other entities to assure that all agencies with underground infrastructure will be given the opportunity to perform services before streets are paved.  In light of the huge cost to repair and upgrade all streets in our City, my administration will work with neighborhoods, the business community and civic leaders to implement a plan to fund and repair as many streets as possible.

  • Utilize the FEMA dollars to complete the street repairs and the repairs at the SWB.
  • Complete the negotiations with FEMA to repair the Municipal Auditorium.
  • Revamp the operations of the SWB